Patient Specific Instrumentation

NAVIGATION OF PATIENT-SPECIFIC INSTRUMENTATION IN UNICOMPARTMENTAL KNEE ARTHROPLASTY: A PROSPECTIVE STUDY Confalonieri, Manzotti and Aldè Email: Abstract INTRODUCTION Despite clear clinical advantages Unicompartimetal Knee Replacement (UKR) still remain a high demanding and less forgiving surgical procedure. Different Authors in literature pointed out how in coronal tibial malalignment beyond 3° as well as tibial slope […]

Latarjet shoulder reconstruction

EVALUATION OF FUNCTIONAL OUTCOMES AND COMPLICATIONS FOLLOWING MODIFIED LATARJET RECONSTRUCTION IN ATHLETES WITH ANTERIOR SHOULDER INSTABILITY  Toby J Colegate-Stone Christelle van der Watt Joe F de Beer Cape Shoulder Institute, Cape Town, South Africa Email: Abstract Background The optimal management of anterior shoulder instability in athletes continues to be a challenge. The present study […]